Women’s Swimwear

With so many types of women’s swimwear available in the market these days, it can be a challenge trying to tell the difference between a cut-out swimsuit and a maillot. Usually, people think only of swimsuits as either one-piece or two-piece. However, one-piece bathing suits can be further categorized into cut-outs, maillots, and burqinis, and two-piece suits may come in bandeaus and tankinis.

One-piece swimwear, as the term implies, comes in one piece covering the body from chest to crotch. In contrast to the conventional one-piece, cut-outs have shapes “cut out” from strategic places on the suit to create some kind of peek-a-boo effect. Maillots, however, are swimsuits which look like a simple one-piece in front, while its back appears as if the top and bottom are separate pieces. Worn by Muslim women, burqinis are swimwear similar to a wetsuit.

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A two-piece, commonly called a bikini, consists of separate tops and bottoms. It may have a stringed or haltered top. Halters are swimwear which has only one strap going around the neck. Tankinis are ideal for women who want to go for a two-piece but are not brave enough to bare their tummies just yet. Simply put, tankinis are bikinis that cover the stomach the way a camisole does. Bikini tops consisting of a band of fabric covering the breasts, like a narrower version of a tube, are called bandeaus.

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Apple and pear-shaped figures

Finding the right swimsuit depends on a variety of reasons, but the most important of all is choosing one that is best for your body type. Apple-shaped women are those whose shoulders are broader than their hips. They may also have fuller bosoms compared to pear-shaped women, whose bottom is typically fuller than their upper body. Pear-shaped women may have narrow shoulders, less voluptuous bosoms, and flared hips.

Matching the right suit with the right body type

“Apples” should go for a tankini with a boy leg bottom, which got its name because it is cut low on the thigh the way boy pants are. A tankini hides bulges around the tummy well and creates the illusion of a longer torso. Combined with a boy leg cut, it drives the eyes away from unsightly bulges and toward slimmer hips and legs. In addition, apples should shy away from bandeaus and halters, as they make the upper body more prominent.

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A string or brazilian bottom with a halter or bandeau top would look great on “pears,” because they make the bosom look fuller and more defined. Pears often make the mistake of going for boy legs, because they want to hide their full bottoms and thighs. Boy legs, however, create the opposite effect. The leg bands can emphasize the thighs more, especially when the elastic band tightens around the thighs, creating bulges. Instead, pears should go for high-cut bikini bottoms, as they make the legs appear longer, taking the attention off the thighs.

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